About This Tour

Day 1

Arrival & Transfer to Hotel Ranweli Waikkal day at leisure & time to do the necessary adjustments to the Bicycles. Over night stay at Ranweli Hotel.

Day 2

After early Breakfast & Departure from Ranweli at 07:00 hrs by Coach to Urapola Junction (2 hrs/65Km).


CYCLING-STAGE 01 Starting point Urapola School Premises
Time 09:30 Hours
Gonagaldeniya 9km
Ruwanwella 22km
Karawanella 25km
Yatiyantota 31km
End of Stage 01 Kutulgala 51km

Lunch at Plantation Hotel Kithulgala (Approximate time of The Arrival 1300Hrs.)

CYCLING-STAGE 02 Starting point Plantation Hotel Kithulaga
Time 14:30 Hours
CYCLING ROUTE Ginigathhena 66km
Watawala 72Km
End of Stage 02 By the side of the road in Yatawala
(Approximate time of Arrival 1700 Hrs.)

Leave for Nuwara Eliya by Coach (1hrs 45 minits/60km) Approximate Time of Arrival in Nuwara Eliya 1845hrs. Dinner & Overnight stay at Grand Hotel Nuwara Eliya.

Umbrella/Comfort Stops Hospitals Police Station
At 15kms – Between Gonagaldeniya & Ruwanwella (Umbrella)
At 31kms – Yatiyantota Ceylan Rest (Comfort)
At 51kms – Kitulgala Plantation (Lunch/Comfort)
At 61kms – Between Kitulgala & Ginigathhena (Umbrella)
51kms – Kitulgala
61kms – Ginigathhena
72kms – Watawala
51kms – Kitulgala

After Breakfast leave The Hotel to Keerthibandarapura by coach at Approximate 07:30

Day 3
CYCLING-STAGE 01 Starting point Near a Boutique at Keerthibandarapura
Time 15:30 Hours
CYCLING ROUTE Keerthibandarapura
Pohombagana 11ms
Adhikarigama 18kms
Maiapitiya 28kms
Kulinda Junction 33kms
Gurudeniya 44kms
Tannekumbura Junction 47kms
Kundasale 49kms
End of Stage 01 Digana 57kms

Lunch at Digana Village Hotel Digana (Approximate time of Arrival 13:30 Hrs)

CYCLING-STAGE 02 Starting point Digana Village Hotel
Time 15:00Hrs
CYCLING ROUTE Menikhinna 62kms
Madawela 66kms
Katugastota 73kms
End of Stage 02 Citadel Hotel 75kms

1800Hrs – Leave Citadel for a brief City Tour of Kandy by coach & Visit the Temple of Tooth Relic.

Dinner & Overnight stay at the Citadel Hotel Amaya Hills Kandy.

Umbrella/Comfort Stops Hospitals Police Station
At 18kms – Adhikarigama (Umbrella)
At 38kms – Haragala Farm (Umbrella)
Between Kulinda Junction & Gurudeniya
At 57kms – Digana Village hotel (Lunch/comfort)
55kms Kandy (05kms out of the route) Kundalsale 49kms
Kandy 55kms (out of the route)
Day 4

After Breakfast Cycling Commence from Citadel/Amaya Hills.

CYCLING-STAGE 01 Starting point Citadel Hotel
Time 08:00Hrs
Katugastots – 03kms
Akurana – 08kms
Alawathugoda – 15kms
Ukuwela – 25kms
Matale – 30kms
End of Stage 01 Aluvihare – 32kms

A Break at Baba Batiks Approximately 09:30Hrs

CYCLING-STAGE 02 Starting point Baba Batiks Aluvihare
Time 1030Hrs
CYCLING ROUTE Kavudupalalle 38kms
Nalanda 53kms
Naula 60kms
Lenadora 66kms
End of Stage 02 Dambulla 75kms


Hospitals Police Station
Matale – 30kms
Nalanda – 53kms
Dambulla – 78kms
Katugastota – 03kms
Matale – 30kms
Naula – 60kms
Dambulla – 78kms
Day 5

After Breakfast Cycle to Sigiriya

CYCLING-STAGE 01 Starting point Kandalama Hotel
Time 07:30Hrs
CYCLING ROUTE Culture Club 10km
Turn off to Kimbissa 15km
End of Stage 01 Sigiriya Entrance 25kms

Approximate time of Arrival 0830Hrs


CYCLING-STAGE 02 Starting point Coach Park Sigiriya
Time 1130Hrs
End of Stage 02 Habarana – 42kms

Lunch at The Lodge Habarana (Approximate Time of Arrival 1300Hrs)

CYCLING-STAGE 03 Starting point Lodge habarana
Time 1400Hrs
CYCLING ROUTE Minneriya – 65kms
Giritale – 74kms
Jayanthipura – 82kms
End of Stage 02 Polonnaruwa – 88kms

(Approximate time of Arrival 1630 Hrs), 1645 Hrs – Visit Polonnaruwa, 1800 Hrs – Depart for Habarana

Umbrella/Comfort Stops Hospitals Police Station
At 25kms – Sigiriya Rest House (Comfort)
At 42kms – Lodge Habarana (Lunch & Comfort)
Dambulla 12kms from Kandalama (Out of Route) Dambulla – 12kms from Kandalama (Out of Route)
Sigiriya – 25kms
Habarana – 42kms

(Approximate time of Arrival 1930Hrs)

Day 6

After Breakfast Cycle to Anuradhapura.

CYCLING-STAGE 01 Starting point The Lodge Habarana
Time 0900Hrs
CYCLING ROUTE Palugaswena 07km
Horiwila 12km
Ganewalpola 17km
Maradankadawala 26km
Tirappane 38km
Galkulame 45km
Thawarakkulama 50km
Anuradhapura 65km
(Kurunegala Junction.)
End of Stage 01 Palm Garden Village Hotel 70kms

Lunch at Palm Garden Village Hotel – Anuradhapura

1630Hrs – Sight seeing of Anuradhapura.

Dinner & Overnight stay at Palm Garden Village Hotel Anuradhapura.

Umbrella/Comfort Stops Hospitals Police Station
At 26kms – Maradankadawala (Ulankulame Rest – Comfort)
At 45kms – Galkulame (Umbrella)
At 70kms – Palm Garden Village Hotel (Lunch/Comfort)
Maradankadawala – 26kms
Anuradhapura 65kms
Habarana – Start
Kekirawa – (07kms from Ganewalpola Out of Route)
Tirappane – 38kms
Anuradhapura – 65kms
Day 7

Very early Breakfast & Cycle to Wariyapola.

CYCLING-STAGE 01 Starting point Palm Garden Village Hotel
Time 06:30Hrs
CYCLING ROUTE Anuradhapura (Kurrunegala Junction) 10kms
Talawa 15kms
Tambuttegama 26kms
Mahagalkadawala 39kms
Galgamuwa 47kms
Ambanpola 56kms
Daladagama Junction 68kms
Ridibandi-Ella 78kms
Magulegama 85kms
Padeniya 88kms
End of Stage 01 Wariyapola 92kms

(Approximate time of Arrival 1300Hrs)

1315 Hrs – Leave Wariyapola by coach to Kurunegala (23kms/45MNTs)

1400 Hrs – Lunch at Diyadahara Hotel Kurunegala

1530 Hrs – Leave Diyadahara Hotel for Pannala by Coach (55kms/1 1/2 Hrs)

CYCLING-STAGE 01 Starting point Le Village Pannala
Time 1700 Hrs
CYCLING ROUTE Dankotuwa 105km
Thopputota Junction 109km
End of Stage 01 Ranweli 114km

(Approximate time of Arrival 1830 Hrs), Dinner & Overnight stay at Ranweli Resort.

Umbrella/Comfort Stops
At 26kms – Tambuttagama (Umbrella)
At 68kms – Daladagama (Babie Guest House – Comfort + Snacks)
At 92kms – Wariyapola (At The end of Stage 01 – Umbrella)
Kurunegala (Diyadahara – Lunch/Comfort)
Pannala (Le Village Hotel – Comfort)
Day 8

Day at Leisure Overnight stay at Ranweli Hotel Waikkal

Day 9